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Stay cool with bifolding doors this summer

Stay cool with bifolding doors this summer

When it comes to staying cool on the longest hottest summer days, there is really no quicker and more effective solution than opening those beautiful bifold doors to fill your home with fresh air and a welcome cool summer breeze. Opening up your home to the outside this way encourages kids to go outside to enjoy the summer weather, brings the family outside to enjoy some Al fresco dining, and creates the perfect setting for a summer barbecue or drinks party.

But what if you don’t want or are unable to open up those doors for a particular reason? Maybe you are going out for the day? Or need to keep young children or pets from going outside unaccompanied? How can you stop your home getting uncomfortably warm in summer? Our high quality bifolding doors come with some cleverly-designed features to keep your home at the perfect temperature all year round.

Glazing to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer
All our aluminium, uPVC and timber framed bifold doors can be fitted with highly-regarded Staycool solar controlled double glazing. These fully-sealed units are extremely energy efficient; rated with an impressively low U-value of just 1.0, they will certainly keep your home well insulated from heat loss during the winter months. But what about shielding you from the heat of summer? As the name suggests, this cleverly-engineered glazing is designed to reflect 57% of direct heat from the sun and reduce glare by 35%. These properties ensure you do indeed “stay cool” and comfortable even on the hottest summer days.

Integrated blinds for convenient privacy and welcome shade
Our ScreenLine (made by Pellini) integrated blinds for bifolding doors are a very popular add-on feature. The high-performance venetian blinds are fully-encapsulated within the glazing of your bifold doors and provide a very versatile solution: allowing you to adjust the light and shade in your room to exactly how you like it. They are perfect for creating an effective sun shade for your room if you are out of the house on a hot day and allow you to perfectly adjust the natural light coming into the room at all times.

Giving you privacy when you need it, they are extremely easy to keep clean, maintain and protected from kids and pets. The design also keeps the room free from unnecessary clutter or pull cords; the blinds are operated by slimline sliders set into the door frames. And with the blinds available in ten attractive colours, you can complement your room perfectly.

Complement your bifold doors with a roof lantern
In a room or extension with a flat roof, a beautiful roof lantern will bring even more natural light and sense of spaciousness into your room. The aluminium roof lanterns we sell are available in a choice of over 200 RAL colours allowing you to match or complement your aluminium bifold doors perfectly and the manual or electronically-controlled roof vents in the roof lantern will help keep your room cool and well-ventilated while maintaining high levels of security.

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