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Aluminium Bifold Doors

Door Styles

Our Visofold aluminium folding sliding doors can be supplied to stack outwards or inwards to your preference and are also available in the opposite hand to that shown. The sizes and configurations shown below are our recommendations but if you have a specific requirement that is not shown please contact us.


What is a traffic door?

anthracite grey bifold doorA traffic door is a normal hinged door sash that acts the same as a traditional door allowing easy routine use without opening the complete bifold. Traffic doors are fitted with lever handle operated hook bolt locking and key cylinder allowing access from outside as well as inside the house. Bifolding door styles without traffic doors do not have any means of opening the door externally with the locking system activated by internal handles fitted to the floating meeting stiles. If you have another exit into the garden a traffic door may not be necessary.


traffic doorThis three panel bifold door has a hinged traffic door enabling single door entry and exit. Styles available with a traffic door are shown below with a < or > symbol to denote a hinged door leaf.  All odd numbered panel designs will provide a traffic door.  An equal number of panels will require the door to be split such as a four panel door which would have to be split 3/1 to enable a traffic door.


Recommended Styles

The following styles are available for the apertures widths shown and are based on the minimum recommended panel width of 750mm and maximum 1200mm.

2 Panel(Also available as a french door)

Aperture width:1650 - 2200mm

Door Styles

3 Panel
Aperture width:2201 - 3600mm

Door Styles

4 Panel
Aperture width:3001 - 4800mm

Door Styles

5 Panel
Aperture width:3850 - 6000mm

Door Styles

6 Panel
Aperture width:4800 - 7200mm

Door Styles


Wider bifolding doors featuring more panels are available subject to special order.

For images of actual folding sliding door installations and close-ups go to our aluminium bifold door gallery.

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