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Make your extension extra special with bifold doors

Make your extension extra special with bifold doors

People add an extension to their homes for one simple reason. The clue is in the name really; they want more space, a bigger home. And that decision to build an extension opens up exciting opportunities for the homeowner: what to do with all that extra space?

There are purely practical reasons to have an extension: a useful utility room or storage space maybe? You may want to use that extension for socialising: creating a larger living room, or having a kitchen large enough to be a social area rather than one to simply cook in. And then there are domestic uses for an extension: a children’s play room perhaps, creating a private space for an elderly relative, or even a home office.

But building an extension isn’t simply a practical decision, it is an aesthetic one too. More than the opportunity to simply add more space in your house, building an extension creates a rare opportunity to radically enhance the look and feel of your whole home. Homeowners considering building an extension should give some serious consideration to installing aluminium bifold doors, to turn that new area into something really special.

With their wide glazed areas, bifolding doors will fill your extension will beautiful natural light, giving the room a real sense of energy, freshness and wonderful spaciousness. The room will of course benefit from unparalleled views of, and access to, the outside.

Whereas a conservatory is often seen as a distinctive feature of a house, homeowners typically want their extension to seamlessly blend in with the rest of the house. This consideration makes aluminium bifolding doors in particular a perfect choice.

The Visifold 1000 bi-fold doors we supply feature incredibly slim profiles and sleek 132mm sight-lines. In this way, the sturdy door frames are unobtrusive and never threaten to dominate the look of your home. Furthermore, the slim profiles ensure the maximum amount of light can enter the room.

But it is the variety and flexibility of the aluminium frame finish that will really ensure your bifold doors are totally in keeping with the rest of the house. Available in over 200 RAL colour finishes, and other textured finishes, your aluminium bifold doors will avoid the rather “plasticy” look of uPVC frames and will instead will complement your home perfectly.

Furthermore, our aluminium bifolding doors feature high-security locking systems for total peace of mind, and can be supplied with integral blinds to give you total privacy when you want it, without the usual hassle of having to keep your blinds clean and dust-free. And the superb double-glazing, high-performance weatherseals and thermally efficient frames will ensure your extension is warm and cosy throughout the colder months.

Your extension should be so much more than a practical “bolt-on” to your home. Installing aluminium bifold doors in your extension can enhance the look and feel of your whole home and significantly add to the value and desirability of your property too.

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