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Timber Bifold Doors

Timber Bifold Door Style Options

hardwood bifold doorOur hardwood bi fold doors are available to open in or open out with a flush or raised threshold at no additional cost.


Traffic Doors

traffic doorA traffic door is a hinged door leaf that can be used for day to day access just like a normal hinged back door.  Traffic doors are only possible on door styles with an odd number of folding sliding panels and will have a lever handle and key cylinder that allow external access.  Doors without traffic doors will not normally have an external handle or key access although this may be possible on some designs subject to special order and extra cost.


Bifold Door Designs

The following designs are the recommended number of panels for aperture width but other configurations may be available if required.

Min Height = 1500mm Max Height = 2500mm < Point denotes hinge side

2 Panels   No Traffic Door
Min width = 1500mm · Max width = 2000mm

Door Styles

3 Panels   √ Traffic Door 
Min width = 1600mm · Max width = 3130mm

Door Styles

4 Panels   √ Traffic Door available on 3/1 split only
Min width = 1900mm · Max width = 4130mm

Door Styles

5 Panels   √ Traffic Door all models
Min width = 2290mm · Max width = 5130mm

Door Styles

6 Panels   √ Traffic Door all models except 4/2 split
Min width = 2780mm · Max width = 6130mm

Door Styles

7 Panels   √ Traffic Door all models
Min width = 3220mm · Max width = 7130mm

Door Styles

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