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Give your home the natural beauty of real wood bifold doors

Give your home the natural beauty of real wood bifold doors


As quality bifold doors increasingly become a “must have” addition to the home, aluminium and uPVC frames are a consistently popular choice. However, there is a desirable third option for homeowners; timber bifold doors.

While aluminium and uPVC certainly give a home a sleek modern look, many homes may be better enhanced with the natural beauty and warmth of wood. Our real wood bifold doors combine gorgeous traditional and timeless looks, with peerless strength and durability, and excellent thermal-efficiency.


Beautiful timber bifold doors

Our wood-framed bifold doors are available in a huge range of colour and finish options allowing you to complement your home perfectly. Many owners opt for a wood stain effect to show off the natural beauty of the wood frame. These range from the deep elegant tones of a mahogany, rosewood or walnut finishes, to lighter contemporary wood stains such as pine or new oak. Alternatively, you may prefer a colour paint finish. Choosing from 200 RAL colours, you can match or complement your interior and exterior furniture, fittings and décor perfectly. Whichever option you choose, your door frames will be carefully spray-coated by hand for a perfect durable finish (equivalent to 15 coats of paint).


Bifold doors provide superb insulation

Used as a construction material since the dawn of mankind, wood is a naturally superb insulator. Indeed, wood remains one of the most thermally-efficient building materials to this day. Our timber bifold doors boast the highest BFRC (British Fenestration Rating Council) “A” rating for their excellent insulating performance. This outstanding thermal efficiency is further enhanced as your wood-framed bifold doors will come installed with our recommended “Staycool” energy-efficient double-glazing. With incredibly low U-values of just 1.4 w/m2, these timber bifold doors outperform most uPVC or aluminium bifold doors in terms of insulation performance.


Timber bifold doors built to last

Your timber bifold doors will be carefully engineered for superb strength and durability and are custom built for you from environmentally sustainable Eucalyptus hardwood. Each section of your bifold door’s frame is constructed from three layers of Eucalyptus, glued together under high pressure with the wood grain of each layer running against the next. This construction method ensures the doors are incredibly strong, and will not warp with changing temperatures, or rot or swell in damp conditions. Indeed, the structural integrity of these sturdy bifold doors is guaranteed for a full 10 years.

As with our uPVC and aluminium bifold doors, your timber bifold doors will be made-to-measure according to your specific needs and preferences. You have complete freedom to choose the door panel height and width, number of panels, the way in which the doors fold when opened, handles and fittings, the threshold type (including a perfectly flush threshold), colour and finish and whether or not you want to include a “traffic door”.

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