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What to consider when adding bifold doors to your room

What to consider when adding bifold doors to your room

Consider the creative possibilities

Nothing beats bifold doors for making a room feel more spacious; but time spent exploring the possibilities open to you, will help you make the best out of your investment. Consider the number of panels you want your doors to have; a greater number of panels results in a larger area taken up when the doors are folded. How much of your wall(s) do you want to / can you take up with the doors? Do you want to have a normal “traffic door” integrated into the panels? If you have an L-shaped room, or a room with two exterior walls, you may want to explore the possibility of having two sets of bifold doors across in an L-shaped arrangement across two adjacent walls. With a supporting column set between them, this can dramatically brighten and open up a room.


Think about materials, colour and finish

Bifold doors are primarily constructed with either timber, aluminium or uPVC frames. Timber bifold doors boast a beautiful and timeless look, and are extremely good at keeping your room well insulated. Aluminimum bifold door frames are slim, light and very sturdy, as well as being very thermally efficient. uPVC door frames too provide good insulation and are generally more cost-effective than aluminium and timber. Whatever frame material you choose, you will want to think about the different colour options and finishes on offer. Our timber bifolding doors for example are available in soft and hard woods, either with a translucent woodstain to highlight the timber’s natural colour, or painted with a choice of over 200 different colour options. Our aluminium bifolding doors are also available in over 200 paint finishes or over 30 different metallic or textured finishes.


Consider your options for fitting the bifold doors

The Bifold doors we supply are quick and easy to install and come with clear instructions. Fitting them yourself is certainly possible for any competent DIY enthusiast. However, if you are not 100% confident in your DIY skills, we would always recommend using an experienced professional fitter. Our Supply and Fit service is available in most parts of the country and puts you in touch with a network of experienced and trusted fitters in your area.


Have you considered the alternatives?

Although bifold doors will be the perfect choice for many homeowners, don’t be too quick to discount the alternatives. A more traditional sliding patio door or French doors may actually be a wiser choice for your particular home or circumstances.

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