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Make a better extension with Bifold Doors

Make a better extension with Bifold Doors

Unless we're living in a mansion or a palace, the one thing most of us would like is more space inside our home, and for some time people have been doing something about the problem by building an extension.

Extensions can come in all shapes and sizes and can have different designs and functions, but the aim is always to increase your living space. So how is this best achieved?


Planning an Extension

It may seem too obvious to mention that the first thing to do is think out carefully what the extension needs to do. Not everyone takes this basic step though, resulting in extensions that don't deliver the extra benefits you're paying for. You should know exactly what you want to get out of it before even contacting an architect or contractor.

It's also vital, of course, to find out early on whether you need planning permission, and to apply for it as soon as possible. In addition, especially if you're expecting to sell the property within the next few years, it's as well to speak to an estate agent to find out what's selling in the area. A quirky individual extension is fine, but you might find yourself with a property that's less attractive to buyers, rather than more so.


Maximising Your Space

The very fact you're building an extension means that you need more space, so the last thing you want is to lose some of it for your doors to open. Bifold doors can not only save on that space, but can also offer flexibility between areas, allowing an unbroken flow between main house, extension and garden when required.

Their classic use is for patio doors which, when completely open, can bring the outside in and turn the garden into an extra living space. Aluminium bifold doors are usually the best option here, with a perfect balance of strength and weight to allow for narrow frames and excellent sight lines. However, timber bifold doors are an excellent choice for a house with a traditional look, while uPVC bifold doors offer a low-cost, flexible alternative to both.


Be Creative

Bifold doors are ideal to connect your living room and garden, but that's by no means their only use. They can offer creative ways of linking the main house with the extension, or providing a kitchen that's closed off or open plan as needed. Bifold doors can even hide away nooks around the place, such as a computer station.

One attractive use is to create a "garden kitchen" — a kitchen with bifold doors that completely open up two walls onto a patio, so the natural materials of the kitchen can merge organically into the garden. Just another opportunity offered by these flexible doors.

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