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Latest Interior Design Trends

Latest Interior Design Trends 

Spring is in the air and the world of interior design is releasing its tips for 2015. Pantone has released its colour palette trends for the year and though a range of tastes are catered for, a fair amount of emphasis is put on gentle, natural tones. That's a trend which seems to be reflected in many other aspects of design this year.

Nature Inside and Out

Suggestions cover a full range of tastes, from classic to retro to modern, but a common theme is for décor to reflect nature. The Bloomsbury trend recommends leaf patterns inspired by the Arts and Crafts Movement, while floral designs are widely used, along with the use of natural materials such as salvaged wood, soft curves and organic shapes.

This ties in very smoothly with the increasing trend in design to treat inside and outside as a continuum, bringing the outside in. If you have patio doors opening on a garden, natural designs make a perfect match for the outside environment, as long as the transition between the spaces is flexible enough.

Many designers recommend achieving this with either aluminium bifold doors, or else timber bifold doors, depending on which material best matches the look of your house. Just as secure as sliding doors or french windows when closed, bifold doors fold away so that virtually the whole space is free when open, allowing the nature outside and natural designs inside to interact unrestricted.

Making the Most of Small Spaces

At one time you might have been forgiven for assuming the top interior designers believed we all lived in sprawling country houses. Nowadays though, most designers recognise that people who want great designs often have to work with relatively small spaces.

Ingenious solutions on offer range from captain's beds to hideaway computer stations, but the general décor also needs to optimise the space available. The consensus is that small rooms should be decorated in light, airy colours such as sky-blue or yellow to give a natural, outdoor feel.

Using bifold doors in small spaces can serve a double purpose. For one thing, they take up far less room than traditional doors, since they don't need any clearance. This means that the entire space can be utilised. Secondly, as with any other area, bifold doors give you the option of securely closing off the room for privacy, or having the doors fully open to allow the spaces to flow together. Timber or aluminium would be fine, but perhaps the versatility of cheap uPVC bifold doors would be ideal for this purpose

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