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Bifold Door Styles

Bifold Door Styles

Bifold doors have grown immensely popular since they were introduced, and it's easy to see why. Both stylish and convenient, they offer far more flexibility and choice than either french windows or sliding doors.

They're not only suitable for patio doors, though. Designers are increasingly recommending bifold doors for a whole variety of locations inside the house. Whether you want a choice between open-plan and closing off sections for privacy, or whether you're trying to solve the problem of fitting a door into a small space, bifold doors offer the perfect solution.

Bifold doors can be made to fit spaces of any size or shape, but they come in three basic types.


Aluminium Bifold Doors

Because it can remain strong while very thin, aluminium makes the perfect material for exterior doors, such as onto the patio or out from the conservatory. The narrow sight-lines, with no extra mullions needed, mean that very little of your view into the garden will be blocked, even when the doors are shut.

The same strength makes aluminium bifold doors perfect for wider openings. With a broad range of paints suitable for aluminium on the market, they can bring a light, modern style to your home.


Timber Bifold Doors

High-quality timber brings a classic, traditional feel anywhere. This is a quality you might not expect in something as modern and up-to-date as bifold doors, but they can look surprisingly classical in the right context, both for internal and external doors.

Timber bifold doors offer far more than good looks, though. Wood is the best of the three materials for insulation and, combined with energy efficient double glazing, it can be the ideal material for doors that have to stand up to harsh weather.

We all recognise the need for responsible use of wood, of course, so it's important to make sure that the timber used comes from sustainable forests.


uPVC Bifold Doors

The biggest plus for uPVC is its low cost. Although not quite as strong as aluminium, it's a tough material that can easily stand up to the battering an external door has to expect.

Besides this, high-quality uPVC can be almost indistinguishable from wood when it's painted, so a uPVC bifold door can be a stylish addition to any house, especially for internal use.

Whichever material you choose, you'll have a door that can open up or close off spaces at will, fold away almost invisibly when not in use, and can help to bring the outside into your house.

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