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Beautiful looking and affordable uPVC bifold doors

Beautiful looking and affordable uPVC bifold doors

Beautiful looking and affordable uPVC bifold doors

uPVC frames have exploded in popularity over the last few decades and remain the number one choice for many homes in double-glazed windows, conservatories, patio and bifold doors. And the secret to its success? uPVC combines great reliable performance, durability, easy-maintenance and superb insulation, with great looks and best of all - affordability.

Great looking uPVC bifold doors to complement your home

Some homeowners are put off the idea of uPVC bifold door frames, assuming they are only available in a standard pure white colour with a plastic-looking finish. While simple white frames can look lovely on many homes, for others they can indeed look a little cheap and generic.

Many customers are delighted to find out that our Timberlook uPVC bifold doors come with a wide variety of colour options and different finishes. Ranging from realistic wood finishes such as light oak or rosewood, to sophisticated green, grey and pink shades – it is easy to install bifold doors that complement the character of your home perfectly, inside and out.   

Superb thermal efficiency to keep your home warm

Some may fear that large areas of glazing on bifold doors may make their homes more difficult to keep warm in winter, or feel overheated in summer. The premium quality Timberlook uPVC bifold doors we supply however, are designed to keep your energy bills low and your home at a perfect comfortable temperature all year round.

Our bifold doors are fitted with STAYCOOL double glazing. Featuring an impressively low “u-value” of just 1.0 (the doors overall boast a u-value of just 1.7) the glazing is extremely efficient at insulating your home, ensuring valuable heat is not lost to the outside. Furthermore, the STAYCOOL glass is designed to reflect solar glare (by 35%), solar heat (by 57%) and harmful UV rays to ensure the room never feels too hot or dazzlingly bright on sunny days.

Making your home feel brighter and bigger

The high-quality Timberlook uPVC bifold doors we supply feature frames and glazing with incredibly slim profiles. This ensures the doors not only look sleek and sophisticated, but allow the maximum amount of natural light to enter the room and take up the minimum amount of space when the doors are opened. This clean slimline look is further enhanced by the well-concealed running mechanism of the doors.

Our uPVC doors allow the floors either side of the door threshold to be completely flush. This way, the flooring between adjoining rooms (or between house and conservatory) can look completely continuous, which really adds to a feeling of greater space in the home.

Incredibly durable and easy to look after

Quality uPVC bifold door frames are probably the most hard-wearing and durable available. There is absolutely no risk that these uPVC frames will ever rot or rust in the damp, or warp with temperature change. Strong, resilient and waterproof, uPVC frames easily stand up to battering winds and rain, icy winters and baking summers. And they need very little care and maintenance too. A quick wash and wipe down and a little lubrication a few times a year, will keep your uPVC bifold doors working perfectly and looking fabulous for many many years to come.

The most affordable quality bifold doors

Compared to other materials such as aluminium or timber frames, uPVC represents the most affordable way to add high-quality, high-performance bifold doors to your home. For many homeowners, the superb cost-effectiveness of uPVC frames is a real bonus, putting that desirable extra feeling of space and light in their home within their home improvement budget – an improvement which will certainly go on to increase the overall value of their home.

We can supply Timberlook uPVC bifold doors made exactly to measure to your specifications. Alternatively, choosing from standard door sizes can represent even greater value for money.

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