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The many tones of timber bifold doors

The many tones of timber bifold doors


The carefully engineered timber bifold doors we supply are all constructed from three high-pressure bonded layers of environmentally sustainable Eucalyptus (a hardwood). This ensures your beautiful wood bifold doors will easily withstand the ravages of hot and cold temperatures, or damage from wind, sun or damp. They also offer homeowners a tremendous choice of colours, tones and finishing options for the door frames.


Finished or unfinished?

Although we do offer customers the choice of unfinished timber frames (as they do work out cheaper) we certainly don’t recommend it. Applying paint or woodstain onto the frames yourself is not only a messy and very time consuming process, but you risk ending up with a less than perfect result which spoils the overall look of your new doors. But more importantly, unless you have applied at least three coats absolutely perfectly yourself, you may risk invalidating the 10 year warranty which comes with our timber bifold doors. Consequently, most customers benefit from having their timber bifolds finished to their specifications in the factory prior to delivery. The factory-finished doors are meticulously spray-coated three times. A coverage of 250 microns per coat gives your timber frames the equivalent of 15 brushed-on coats to ensure the doors’ long life and secures the warranty.


Translucent wood stain for that natural look...

Most customers buying timber-framed bifold doors want to show off the beautiful natural wood grain of the Eucalyptus. They consequently opt to have their doors finished in a high-quality translucent wood stain. This option gives you a wide choice of realistic wood tones to best complement your home. The dark tones of Ebony or walnut can give your room a home a very sophisticated or modernist look. Teak, mahogany or rosewood finishes never fail to add a touch of elegance, and the lighter shades of pine or new oak are a great choice for a fresh modern feel.


Or bold colour finishes

Matching the huge range of colour options available with our aluminium bifold doors, your timber framed bifolds can also be finished in your choice of over 200 RAL colours. With this degree of choice, you have complete creative control to match or complement the colour schemes and decor in your home perfectly. The high quality colour paints are available in both a cool matte(a smooth finish with minimal reflection / sheen for a subtle effect) or satin finish (silky smooth to the touch, with an attractive pearl-like sheen).

Whatever colour, wood stain or finish you opt for, you can have total peace of mind that your beautiful timber bifold doors can be built and configured to your exact specifications and will give you thermally-efficient trouble-free performance for years to come.

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