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Advantages of integrated blinds

Advantages of integrated blinds 

What's the Advantage of Using Integrated Blinds with Bifold Doors?

Venetian blinds have been popular for many years, for patio doors as well as for windows. It's easy to see why. They look stylish and offer a full range of options — fully closed to offer privacy, slats open to ensure that light can get through but outsiders can't see in, or fully open to let the outside in.

In the past, though, they haven't gone well with bifold doors, since they're in the way when the doors open. Unless, that is, they're incorporated into the doors themselves.


Integrated Blinds

The idea of integrating blinds into double glazing has really started to catch on recently. Instead of the blind hanging behind the door or window, each panel has an individual venetian blind sealed inside the unit.

The system is operated by magnets on the outside that open and close the aluminium blind. This means it can be easily controlled without any need to compromise the hermetic seal of the double glazing.


The Advantages of Blinds with Bifold Doors

Securely encased inside the double glazing, the blinds will remain clean and damp-free without any maintenance needs.
They are also safe from accidental damage — including from the hands of small children and the paws of animals.
They're easily operated without interfering with the action of the bifold door.
The blinds contribute to reducing the solar glare and can increase the u-value of the glass.


Which Operating System?

There are three main operating systems for integrated blinds — electrical, magnetic corded and magnetic levers. So which is better?

Electrical — At first sight, this would seem the obvious choice. After all, you can operate it just by pointing a remote control. On the other hand, it can be quite slow; and, more importantly, it relies on either a battery or a solar panel which needs to be regularly recharged. If you forget this, you have a wait till you can adjust your blinds.
Magnetic corded — Here, the external magnets are operated by cord loops much like those used on traditional blinds. And, as anyone will know who's used those, there's always the risk of them getting tangled, detached or otherwise twisted up.
Magnetic levers — This system, with levers instead of cords to operate the external magnets, is easy to use, and there's very little that can go wrong with it. Although the other systems have their supporters, this is probably the most efficient.


Any Disadvantage?

Very little. Some solar control glass systems can't be used in conjunction with integrated blinds, but that's more than balanced by the extra protection the blinds themselves give.

It seems that bifold doors and integrated blinds make the perfect combination, both for style and for practical use.

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