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How To Make Your Rooms Look Bigger

At some point in your home you will feel like there just isn't enough space and that the walls are
closing in on you. Here are some tips for making your room appear bigger.




Now is not the time to be hoarding items you don't need. If you don't use it get rid of it and you
will be surprised at the amount of space this creates. If you are having trouble getting rid of items
then why not create some wall furniture higher up such as shelves or hooks on the back of doors.
This approach helps to de-clutter the room as you can display/store items on multiple levels.




You should aim to get as much light into the room as possible, this can be achieved by including
mirrors in the room as the light will reflect off the mirrors and make the room appear bigger. Also
have light coloured pieces of furniture in the room such as worktops, tiling and carpets, by doing
this the room seems more spacious. Doors can also help to get light into a room, folding doors
are a great way of exposing your room to as much light as possible.




Opt for storage furniture which can help store items you don't want on display or clutter you
don't want to get rid of. Try out some furniture which is either fold-able such as chairs or
expandable such as tables, so when not in use they can easily be put away. Glass topped
furniture is another good way of tricking the eyes into making the room appear larger than it is.




Although dark colours make a room feel comfortable and cosy they also make the room appear
smaller. Opt for lighter colours on the walls, this will reflect the light and make the room feel airy
and spacious. Co-ordinating wall and furniture colours tends to open up space, whereas
conflicting colours separates the room and breaks up space.

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