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Bi Folding Doors: Why Choose These Over French Doors

French doors and classic patio doors all increase the feeling of space by integrating the inside and the outside, but bi folding doors do so particularly well because you can open the space up even further.

When open, a folding door creates a large open space with just a few inches on each side needed for the actual doors, helping to bring the outside in.

If you have a small and dark room, you can completely change its look and feel, as well as increasing the amount of light by installing a folding door.

Bi folding doors are very strong, meaning you will have a durable door that will last you many years. They are also incredibly secure when you choose a door that has a security feature like security hinges or multi-point locks. So you get to enjoy an aesthetically beautiful door that also provides excellent security for your home. All FD2U bi folding doors come with a high security locking system as standard.

With French doors, the basic design is always the same. However, bi fold doors provide you with much greater flexibility so you can create the exact look and feel you want for your home. For example, you could open them to the left or to the right, as well as into or out of the room, so you can choose the best option depending on what suits your home.

Bi fold doors are easy to open and close, making them a pleasure to use. They fold up neatly to stay out of the way, making them more practical than sliding doors or French doors, especially in smaller spaces. In addition, they are also very easy to maintain. If you get a UPVC door or aluminium door, you will not have to do very much at all to look after it properly. Just keep it clean and add a drop of oil from time to time and the door will look after itself.

Because bifold doors come in so many design options, they can be the perfect fit for any home, whether you own an old building or a new-build. Choose from various colours, designs and effects to enjoy the perfect style for your home.

Many people now choose bi folding doors for their homes due to the many benefits that they have over other doors. If you are thinking about adding some doors to your living room to open up your interior to the outside, consider bi folding doors from Folding Doors 2 U for a practical, secure and stylish option.

Add some wow factor to your home with our bi fold doors, which are available in a choice of profiles including uPVC, Timber and Aluminium. All of our doors feature ultra slim sight lines ensuring the maximum amount of visible glass is achieved, allowing natural light to flood into your room.

If you're not sure what type of bi fold doors you're looking for, take a look at our bi fold doors buyer's guide which will provide you with all the information you need about our aluminium bi fold doors, timber bi folding doors and and uPVC bi folding doors.

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