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One of the first questions we are asked by customers is which type of bifold door do we recommend?

In terms of cost upvc will provide the cheapest bifolding door solution, timber will be the most expensive and aluminium will be somewhere in the middle. However, the choice of door must be a personal decision based on your specific requirements, the type of structure that the door is being installed into and the finished look that you wish to create. Whilst cost is of course an important element to be considered it is important that you don't make a decision based on cost alone.

Here's our quick guide to each type of door...

  • Aluminium Bifold Doors Buyers Guide
    Aluminium Bifold Doors Buyers Guide

    Our Smart Systems Visofold 1000 bifold doors are our best seller. With a wide polyamide thermal break and powder coated strong, durable profiles aluminium folding doors are by far the most popular type of door on the market.

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  • Timber Bifold Doors Buyer's Guide
    Timber Bifold Doors Buyer's Guide

    Unlike many of the low cost bifold doors available from DIY chains which are veneers applied to a cheap timber core we use engineered timber in our doors which eliminates the possibility of warping or twisting.  

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  • uPVC Bifold Doors Buyers Guide
    uPVC Bifold Doors Buyers Guide

    Easily the most cost-effective, many customers choose upvc bifolding doors because they will match their existing upvc windows. 

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