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uPVC Bifold Doors

uPVC Bifold Door Styles

white bifold doorOur upvc bifold doors can be supplied to open inwards or outwards and are available in a range of styles to suit the aperture width.

Doors can be supplied up to 4.7 metres in width and 2.2 metres high.  Some styles include a hinged traffic door that allows internal/external access without the need to open up the complete door. For doors without a traffic door it should be noted that there is no external handle and the shoot bolt locking system is activated from the inside only.


Narrower Panel Widths

Thanks to the slim door sash profile widths the individual panel widths of our doors are very slim when compared to most upvc folding doors. The maximum sash width is 750mm and the minimum width is 500mm. This 3 panel white Timberlook bifold door is only 1800mm wide and this design would not be possible with other upvc folding doors.


Slim Sightlines

The sightlines or width of profile between visible glass edges will vary depending on the style of door chosen.  The slimmest sightline of 132mm is available when all doors fold and slide in the same direction.


Bifold Door Designs

bifold stylesThe door styles shown below can be supplied to the opposite hand and can be specified to open in or open out.

To find the bifolding door styles that are available for your aperture simply use our online quote system to obtain an instant email quote which will confirm the styles available to you.  


Traffic Doors

traffic doorA traffic door allows easy internal and external access through the bifold door without having to open the complete door set.  The traffic door is fitted with high security hook bolt locking and a lever handle set with a profile key cylinder.  Bifold doors without traffic doors will not provide an external handle so access from the outside is not possible.

For images of actual folding sliding door installations and close-ups go to our uPVC bifold door gallery.

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